1. My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in November 2013 at age 11after we lived in a water-damaged home all that summer. I was having neurological symptoms and was very ill myself. I missed the signs of her blood sugar issues until she was in critical condition. There were 2 doctors at our hospital that actually conceded that her diabetes was likely a result of the toxic environment.

  2. Doug Kaufmann with David Holland M.D. came out with a book in 2003, titled “The Fungus Link to Diabetes”. It has lots of info on mycotoxins, studies, supplements, eating plans. You’ve probably cited it somewhere in your web pages and I haven’t gotten there yet. Seems like there is a lot of research out there but its being ignored.
    His book covers the exposure to mycotoxins through foods, which seems relatively trivial when compared to breathing the stuff 24/7. If a link can be proven at those lower levels of exposure, how much more is it toxic to the pancreas at the higher levels when breathing it in day and night.
    The disconnect is so wierd, that professionals have ignored this. Thank you for informing us on this.

  3. Wow! I’m both glad and saddened to hear others are in this same situation. My 11 year old was dx with T1 June 2016. Then my 13 year old September 2016. Now I, their mother age 38 dx today with diabetes 1/23/17. Currently waiting on labs to see which one. We rent and our home is ridden with mold. We’ve lived here 2 years last October 2016. I’m wondering if there is a correlation. We are literally getting diabetes every 3 to 4 months in this house. We have 9 children. I’m so concerned for our other children. My husband is T1 but he’s been since 6yo. He’s the step-father to my 2 diabetic son’s. I feel like our children (his and mine together) have 3 strikes against them. 2 parents with diabetes, and half siblings with it. Any info you have is greatly appreciated.

    • Thanks for taking the time to share your story, Amy. You all have really been through it. My direct email is I don’t have any further information about the diabetes but lots of information on dealing with mold issues in the home. If I can help in any way let me know.

  4. I found this page as I was searching for other peoples experiences on the connection between T1D and toxic mold. I’m actually writing from Finland, so I appologize for all the misspelling. 🙂

    I have a story quite similar to ones told above. After living in our “dream home” for 1,5 years I first started having unexplained pain in my joints, muscle weakness and breathing problems. I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease which was causing the symptoms, but one doctor – professor specialized on mold illness – was convinced that mold exposure was the most significant trigger behind my disease. At that time we had already found out that there was Aspergillus, Penicillium and Chaetomium growing in our lovely little toilet.

    We temporarily moved out and the housing company renovated some parts of our flat. After moving back my symptoms started getting worse again in few months. I didn’t want to believe it at first, but then couple of months later my son – 4,5yo at the time – was diagnosed with T1D. It came as a total surprise. There are no diabetics in my or my huspands family. To me it was obvius from the very first day of diagnose that T1D was my sons “mold illness”.

    I’m convinced that different kind of problems with indoor air (and other environmental factors) play a significant role in the growing amount of autoimmune diseases. In Finland T1D is very common, and what’s interesting is that there are much less T1D diagnoses behind the border in “less modern” Karelia, even though the genes are very similar between finns and karelian people. I belive that this has something to do with differences on bacterias we’re expoced to.

    Thank you for posting this interesticg article. As a mother you need to connect the dots somehow and try to find any information available on mold and T1D. I just wish there was scientific researches found on the subject so I could show them to our pediatrician as well.

  5. I would like more information please please please. I’m 33 & lived in a house with black mold for over 5yrs. I was diagnosed with type 1 4yrs ago. Since then my health has seriously gone down hill & no doctor wants to listen to me. I just realized today what could actually be wrong & why my body is shutting down. I would love to know any information you have found. I can’t stand the constant pain anymore. Thank you in advance 💙

    • I don’t have any more information than what I have posted, Heather. Simply knowing the exposure likely played a role is a good piece of information. An anti-fungal diet can help tremendously if you have not tried that.

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