Green Veggie Frittata

Frittata Featured Image

This gluten-free and grain-free dish works great for holiday gatherings, family breakfasts or quick and easy dinners! Green Veggie Frittata Ingredients: 12 pastured eggs 1/2 cup sour cream, kefir or yogurt (optional but make texture richer) 1 medium onion diced 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon ground pepper 1/2 cup kale, spinach and/or swiss chard, chopped… 

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DIY Disinfecting Spray

Trying to avoid harsh chemicals? Interested in making your own household products? Try this simple DIY Disinfecting Spray! What’s Wrong with Lysol? Lysol, one of the world’s top selling disinfectant sprays, was first formulated using coal tar derivatives in 1889 to stop a cholera epidemic. By 1911, it had become the most common way to commit… 

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DIY Holiday Potpourri

This holiday season, why not steer clear of artificial fragrances and try this natural simmering potpourri! Why Should I Avoid Artificial Fragrances? One of the most popular artificial holiday fragrances is Scentsicles.The maker of Scentsicles lists one ingredient only: pure fragrance oil. The unfortunate truth, however, is that pure fragrance oil is only the tip of… 

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DIY Antibacterial or Baby Wipes

These DIY antibacterial wipes can be used on-the-go or at home! Switch the tea tree oil to lavender essential oil and you have DIY baby wipes!   DIY Antibacterial or Baby Wipes I use a rectangular glass container (8 1/2 X 6 1/2) with a plastic lid. I cut a small opening for easy access to… 

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baby ipad

Are Tablets Safe for Your Child?

Do you let your child use an iPad instead of a cell phone with the understanding that tablets are a better choice? Are you confused about the conflicting information regarding wireless technology? Wondering if there is a better way to integrate tablets into your household? Parents understandably love the interactive nature of tablets as well… 

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Quinoa Krispies

Grain-free Sourdough Cereal

Are you following a grain-free diet? Do you miss cold cereal? Try this sugar-free, Paleo, and GAPS-friendly sourdough cereal! Ever since we discovered Julian Bakery’s Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal I’ve been trying to come up with a homemade alternative. Our family loves the Coconut Flakes, but it’s expensive. (The best price can be found at… 

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Cell Phone

6 Surprising Facts About Cell Phones

Do you feel like you can’t live without your cell phone? Are you wondering if cell phones are truly safe? These six facts about cell phones may help you sort through the conflicting information and our culture’s ever-increasing reliance on wireless technology. 6 Surprising Facts About Cell Phones 1. Safety standards don’t take children into… 

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